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Trump Ends Pelosi’s Reign of Terror: “You’re reason America hates career politicians”

President Trump is done playing games with the hack from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi and put an end to her reign of media terror – she has been relentlessly trashing him of late.

Trump said, “Crazy “Nancy Pelosi, you are a weak person. You are a poor leader. You are the reason America hates career politicians, like yourself.” @seanhannity”

“She is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Left, a weak and pathetic puppet. Come back to Washington and do your job!”

Many Americans agree this tweet has received over 67,000 likes in less than 1 hour.

Kevin McCarthy agreed saying:

“RT to tell Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to STOP blocking critical funding for small businesses. The Paycheck Protection Program is about to run out of money—millions of jobs are hanging in the balance. Congress MUST ACT!”

Look, the key SBA small business loan just ran out of money – Pelosi needs to get in gear and start solving problems not creating them with her odious form of politics.

From The Hill:

The initial $349 billion pool for emergency loans for small businesses derailed by the coronavirus pandemic has run dry as Republicans and Democrats squabble over how to replenish the relief program.

The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration (SBA) have tapped the entirety of funding allotted for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which offers forgivable loans to small businesses intended to keep workers on payroll and small firms from going under.

“The SBA is currently unable to accept new applications for the Paycheck Protection Program based on available appropriations funding. Similarly, we are unable to enroll new PPP lenders at this time,” the SBA said in a statement Thursday morning.

Created through the $2.2 trillion economic relief bill enacted by Trump last month, the PPP unleashed a wave of demand for emergency loans across the U.S., overwhelming banks, credit unions and SBA technology.

President Trump, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and lawmakers from both parties pledged to pour more money into the program as its initial funding quickly ran down, but leaders have been locked in a two-week showdown over potential stipulations for the next tranche of loans.

Mnuchin and Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Jovita Carranza warned shortly ahead of the lapse that unless Congress authorizes more funding, banks will not be able to sign off on any additional loans under the program.

 “We urge Congress to appropriate additional funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) … at which point we will once again be able to process loan applications, issue loan numbers, and protect millions more paychecks,” they said.