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Stimulus Checks Are On The Way For “Tens Of Millions” – But Three Groups Won’t Be Getting Them

Yes, America’s stimulus checks are supposedly coming soon—but not for everyone.

Eligible citizens should receive $1,200 from the federal government, and many are looking forward to that help during this difficult time.

But there are three main groups that won’t be receiving checks.

As you might expect, certain individuals don’t qualify for the stimulus — and now we know exactly who they are.

Fox News and the Treasury Department have released the list of three groups who are ineligible for the cash boost. And they make sense (well, mostly).

Here they are:

Anyone claimed by anyone else as a dependent

This is pretty straightforward: if someone claimed you as a dependent on their tax return, you’re not eligible.

Obviously, this includes all children, and certain people who are elderly or disabled.

However, don’t forget that the CARES Act allows parents to receive $500 for each child aged 16 years or younger.

This answers the question: will non-resident individuals receive taxpayer money in the form of a stimulus?

The answer is, for the most part, NO.

Non-residents and temporary workers are not going to get that $1,200.

That being said, it’s important to note that those who are here on a H-1B or H-2A work visa are eligible.

Higher-income individuals

As you may already know, those who earn over $100,000/year – based on their tax information – won’t get any extra money.

If you earned under $75,000/year, then you will get the full amount.

And it’s a sliding scale for those between $75K and $100K; more if you’re closer to 75K, less as you near $100K.

Lastly, the Treasury Department says “tens of millions of people” will receive their payments via direct deposit by April 15.

But if you don’t have direct deposit set up, it could take weeks longer.

So there you have it: the details are finalized and in place, and now you know exactly what you’re getting and when.

But do you agree with all of it? Do you have any concerns or questions about how this stimulus program works?

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Source: Fox News