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Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Head Over Trump – Pushes False Claim That Donald Cut $700M From CDC, “Civilization At Stake”

Nancy Pelosi’s back at it. Just like Joe Biden, it seems like the old gal is losing her mind.

After all, this woman did rip up the State of the Union address in front of the entire country. A sane person doesn’t do that.

Now, with the country facing a virus outbreak, the woman looks to make the matter worse.

President Trump has taken strong action to secure our country. We are seeing the virus contained, thanks to his efforts.

Pelosi, in response, is melting down.

From Newsweek:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that “civilization as we know it is at stake” in the upcoming 2020 election, telling a Boston audience Monday that a second President Donald Trump term in the White House could threaten U.S. democracy.

Wow. Talk about an overreaction. Pelosi has sounded less and less coherent in recent months. But she said that “civilization as we know it” is going to die, if Trump gets re-elected.

Really, Nance? Really? The only reason just a few hundred people have COVID-19 (compared to the tens of thousands elsewhere) is because of Trump’s swift actions.

Pelosi has ignored Trump’s efforts. She’s even claimed Trump tried to cut $700 million from the CDC.

But that’s not even remotely true.

From Factcheck.org:

But the president has proposed cuts to the CDC in past budgets that Congress did not enact. It’s misleading at best to claim Trump “slashed funding,” when his proposals haven’t taken effect. For instance, Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget proposal would have reduced CDC funding by $750.6 million, compared with what was enacted for fiscal 2019 (see the “program level” line in the linked document). But Congress passed, and Trump signed, a budget that increased CDC funding by $420 million.

Well, look at that! Trump wanted to cut back funding. He has worked to reduce the size of the federal government, after all.

But after Congress made their decisions, Trump increased funding by $420 million.

Pelosi’s accusation was about as misleading as can be, and the fact-checkers agreed.

Overall, we’ve seen one side of the aisle working overtime to get things done. And the other side complaining, and making up nonsense.

Which side are you on?

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Source: Newsweek, Factcheck.org

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