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Kamala Harris Crosses Line With New Trump Insult: “It doesn’t smell right, not fit to be POTUS”

Kamala Harris is desperate to be Joe Biden’s running mate but Biden still remembers what she did to him in the debates so she has to go on TV and trash Trump to stay in the race.

“The way that I think about it is this. There has been so much that has been happening in our country that has focused us inward, but we cannot lose sight of our nation’s standing in relationship to the rest of the world and the importance of having a commander-in-chief who takes seriously our role,” Harris told MSNBC’s, Nicole Wallace.

“Someone who, unlike Donald Trump,” Harris continued, “understands the need for relationships, the need to put in check adversaries, and also embrace allies.”

“But instead, we have in Donald Trump someone who has conducted foreign policy in a way that has been about isolationism,” Harris said.

“It’s been about, going at his own way in a way that has been harmful to our national security.”

Nicole Wallace asked Harris, “What are people to make, as they’re trying to process the fact that we have another scandal involving Donald Trump with Russia at its punch line?”

“He’s got something going on there. Let’s just be honest about it. Something’s afoot, right? It just —it doesn’t smell right. I don’t know what it is, but, um,” she said.

“The same way we should have felt from day one when he called Russian interference when he had called the coronavirus a hoax.”

“We’re supposed to feel the same way, which is, this man is not fit to be president, and we need a new president. That’s how we’re supposed to feel.”

“Let’s not overanalyze Donald Trump,” Harris said. “I literally, no more pop psychology about this guy.”

“This man is not fit to be president and we need a new president,. Let’s just do what needs to get done, which is to put our efforts into the election that is coming up and elect a president who actually understands the magnitude and the importance of that office.”

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